Prof. CHENG Ka-wai Eric

Director, Power Electronics Research Centre
Professor of Department of Electrical Engineering
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Welcome Everyone!

My expertise is in Power Electronics. I like you to visit my web site or visit my Laboratory. I welcome all type of collaboration in power electronics, energy saving and electric mobility.

About Me

Professor Eric Cheng is experienced in Electrical Engineering with a special interest in green technology, renewable energy system, electric vehicle design, power train, power conversion, energy storage, motor, drives, and vehicle-to-X.   He has published over 180 journal papers and is particularly strong in the research funding application and research project management.  He has received over US$10 Million research grants as a principal investigator and many other grants as Co-investigator.   He is also very strong in industrial relationships.  

He started his power electronics career in 1987 when he started his PhD.  His research is in the field of power conversion and he has developed numerous resonant power converter topologies for higher efficiency power conversion.  His most successful development in the power converters is extended period resonant converters and the resonant switched-capacitor converters.  The switched-capacitor converters were further developed into electric vehicle applications and other power applications.  The most prominent one is the battery management system that enhances the vehicle battery cell equalization.  
He has devoted to a number of different aspects of electrical engineering.  His top research work includes the switched-reluctance motor and electric vehicle (EV) technology.  He has applied the motor and power electronics into the vehicle design.  The MyCarTM EV was developed by him in 2005 and started the sales in 2007 globally.  It is the first EV sold in South Asia Pacific.  It is then sold to a US company and launched in 2012.   He also developed a number of high-performance EV parts, for example, in-wheel motor, all-electric active suspension motor, and body-integrated super-capacitor. This later received numerous international gold awards/1st prizes.   The paper citation of this field is around the top.
His other environmental work related to green technology is very impressive.  He has developed the 1st charger network in the region and also the solar-air conditioning system for vehicles. That have received numerous international news report and the impact on society is great.  He has devoted significantly in teaching.  He has developed a new undergraduate curriculum in Minor in Electric Vehicles that is to meet the demand in electric vehicle engineers in the future.  He also assists the Faculty to develop two new undergraduate curriculums, namely BEng in Air Transport and BEng in Aviation Engineering which he has contributed all the electrical aspects of the curriculum.
He is also working on energy research with a focus on photovoltaic.  He has designed many solar cars, developed large scale design and also sea-water floating solar systems that is the first and largest offshore solar farm in South East Pacific.   He is also very strong in the field of energy storage and the energy management system. He has also been working with many industrial projects in lifetime testing, asset management for power components devices and system.  His expertise includes units and systems with power distribution and power train with smart sensors, smart distribution, energy storage, high-frequency magnetics, power converter, inverter, electric motor, charger, motor drives, and all related power distribution and energy aspects. 

He enjoyed teaching in power electronics and electric vehicle technology and the student feedback is excellent.  He organized international conferences more than 10 times as the conference chairman to promote the power electronics and electric vehicles technology.  He is the chairman of the IET International Conference on APSCOM 2018 which is one of the largest power system conferences.  His contribution to the field is extraordinary.

Research Areas

Power Electronics, Machines, Drives, Alternative energy, EMI, Electric vehicle, Air-conditioning, DC distribution, AC distribution, Transmission, Electromagnetic Compatibility and Actuation.

We have a number of R&D with the local environmental saving company, power and distribution company for distribution for the development in electric vehicles, motor, power conversion and energy saving devices.


    Journal papers:                                    >180
    SCI Journal:                                         >165    
    Conference papers:                              315
    Books:                                                    10
    Book Chapters                                        4
    H-Index (Web of Science)                    29
    Google H-index                                      46
    SCI Citation without self citations    2603
    Google Citation                                    8260


Total Amount of all project sum US$10.5 Million as a PI, Total 65 projects

Total Amount of all project sum US$ 2.8 Million as a Co-I, Total 29 projects

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